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2023 Avielle Rosé of Big Reds, $25
Estate Grown, Parma Ridge Vineyards, Snake River Valley
56% Merlot, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon, 12% Malbec, 12% Cabernet Franc
This Rosé is named after Avielle, our 11-year-old fiery daughter with Strawberry Blonde hair. Savor the aromas of strawberry, tropical fruit and cherry. The balanced acid and slightly sweet finish pairs well with a sunset at the end of a warm spring day. 

2021 Viognier, $25
​Parma Ridge Vineyards, Snake River Valley
Made with 100% Estate grown grapes, this Viognier’s prominent notes of pear and grapefruit make the 100 summer weather bearable. This white tastes best with a sunset on the patio.

2022 Viognier, $25
Parma Ridge Vineyards, Snake River Valley
This crisp white wine features prominent notes of stone fruit, white peach, and honey crisp apple with a Meyer-lemon finish.

2021 Dry Gewürztraminer, $25
​Parma Ridge Vineyards, Snake River Valley
Our Estate Gewürztraminer possesses an herbal quality with a hint of spice. Notes of both pear and grapefruit make this wine enjoyable throughout the year and with your favorite family feast.​​

2022 Gewürztraminer, $25
Parma Ridge Vineyards, Snake River Valley
This estate grown Gewürztraminer highlights the essence of stone fruit and honey with a balanced finish. Excellent with smoked meats and your favorite family feast.

2022 Tre Bianchi, $25
Parma Ridge Vineyards, Snake River Valley
41% Viognier, 41% Gewurztraminer & 18% Chardonnay
Tre Bianchi means “Three Whites” in Italian and is one of our signature white blends.  Enjoy notes of crisp citrus and mild stone fruit followed with a tart floral finish.

2022 Oaked Chardonnay, $30
Parma Ridge Vineyards, Snake River Valley
Enjoy flavors of citrus and green apple with a subtle vanilla oak finish.

2023 Chardonnay, $28
Estate Grown, Parma Ridge Vineyards, Snake River Valley
Everything you would expect from the terroir of the area; 
this unoaked Chardonnay has been created to preserve the intense flavors and aromas without any manipulation. Flavors of grapefruit and rosemary aromas compliment the tart finish to be enjoyed any time of the year.

2023 LaRea Dolce, $36
Parma Ridge Vineyards, Snake River Valley
Enjoy fresh floral aromas with the delightful nuances of tropical fruit with a cinnamon spice finish. This sweet wine is a perfect homage to one of the sweetest people we know, Storm’s mom, Susan LaRea. Enjoy this wine as an aperitif or on its own as dessert.

Morgan Jean Peach Wine, $38
This peach wine was named after Morgan Jean (M.J.) Rochester and made using hand-pressed local peaches. Enjoy the flavor of fresh stone fruit with citrus aromas, and balanced tartness on this one-of-a kind refreshing sweet wine.

2020 Boys Blend, $42
Snake River Valley
37% Carménère, 34% Malbec & 29% Cabernet Sauvignon
Double Gold in the 2024 Cascadia Wine Competition
The Boys Blend is the culmination of our sons Isaac, Kenneth and Joshua all coming together for one big, bold unforgettable blend. Enjoy flavors of green bell pepper, cinnamon, and a finish of rose petal and dark currant. The perfect balance for this epic trio.

2020 Syrah, $38
Parma Ridge Vineyards, Snake River Valley
Our signature Syrah starts off with subtle flavors of tart cherry, cinnamon, and notes of white pepper. This beautiful red ends with a smoked-oaked finish.

2020 Ridge Red, $36
Snake River Valley
50% Tempranillo, 20% Cab Sauv, 16% Malbec & 14% Merlot
Enjoy this estate grown red blend featuring notes of raspberry and toasted caramel with a finish of white pepper and oak.

2021 The Storm, $42
Snake River Valley
35% Cab Franc, 25% Cab Sauv, 20% Merlot, & 20% Petite Sirah
This Estate red is a custom blend made by our Winemaker Chef, Storm Hodge and Assistant Winemaker, Megan Hartman, exclusively for our Wine Club. This excellent bold, yet balanced blend features dark stone fruit, subtle vanilla and spice, with a black pepper finish.

2020 Carménère, $40
Snake River Valley
Made with 100% Carménère, enjoy the decadent flavors of dark chocolate and smooth tobacco with a hint of green bell pepper.

2020 Merlot, $36
Estate Grown, Parma Ridge Vineyards, Snake River Valley
Our signature Merlot  portrays complex earthy tones from cassis to cola complimented by blackberry and Bing cherry. This was one of B.G. “Dick” Dictstein’s favorite varietals he planted in 1998 in the original vineyards at Parma Ridge. This wine is dedicated to him. In Honor of Dick Dickstein. November 30, 1932 – December 16, 2023

2020 Malbec, $38
Snake River Valley
Do you like being outside? This Malbec had the nose of nature. Enjoy tart fruit, tannin and subtle vanilla. This balanced red is the essence of where ruby-red grapefruit meets French oak. 

2020 Cabernet Franc, Estate Grown, $38
​Parma Ridge Vineyards, Snake River Valley
This is the debut vintage of our Estate Cabernet Franc since the crop was planted in 2017. The spicy tannins and subtle vanilla finish are the culmination of aging for 20 months in French Oak.​​ 

2020 Petite Sirah, $40
​Parma Ridge Vineyards, Snake River Valley
Have you been looking for a big, bold red wine that covers all the bases? The Parma Ridge Petite Sirah hits all the notes of fruit, acid, tannin, alcohol and oak.  Welcome to our first vintage of the Parma Ridge Petite Sirah, it’s only going to get better and bolder from here!

2020 Cabernet Sauvignon, $42
​Parma Ridge Vineyards, Snake River Valley
Looking for your steak-mate? Tantalize your tastebuds with this red wine flavor bomb. Enjoy notes of sour cherry, mild white pepper, and dark fruit. Decanting a must to bring forth the nuances in our debut Estate Cabernet Sauvignon. 

2019 Touriga Nacional, $36
Snake River Valley
This port-style wine was aged in oak for 3 years and our debut red made with 100% Touriga Nacional grapes. Enjoy notes of rich dark chocolate, black cherry and tobacco with a luscious finish. Pairs well with friends and your favorite decadent chocolate dessert.

Charles Wyatt Cherry Dessert Wine, $45
This port-style wine was named after Charles Wyatt (C.W.) Rochester and made using hand-pressed cherries and brandy. Enjoy the subtle tannins and sweet cherry notes with dessert or on it's own as an after-dinner drink.​

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