Bringing joy to people through wonderful wine, fabulous food and an amazing view.

As the new owners of Parma Ridge this is our commitment.  We are excited to share this joy with you in each and every bottle.  Our grapes are hand harvested on our 9.5 acre vineyard in the heart of the Snake River Valley.  Take a moment to savor the flavors among friends and family and make your own joyous memories.

It's all about Joy

Bartholomew Red Wines

Storm had the pleasure of learning wine-making from Bart Fawbush, of Bartholomew Winery in Seattle, WA.  It is only appropriate for us to sell Bart's red wines that we know and love. 

2013 5th Quarter Blend, $32
This Red Mountain Carmenere dominant 5 varietal Bordeaux style blend is like none other. Plenty of spice and earth balanced with great color, tannin and fruit flavors.

Parma Ridge Wines

2016 Avielle, Rose of Merlot, $16.95
Parma Ridge Vineyards – Snake River Valley
Avielle is our spunky four year old daughter with strawberry blond hair and this Rosé of 100% Merlot is named after her. Enjoy hints of strawberry and honey with a smooth finish. Pairs well with just about any dish or can be enjoyed on its own on the patio.

2016 Dry Rosé of Merlot, $16.95
Parma Ridge Vineyards – Snake River Valley
This Dry Rosé is made from 100% Merlot grapes from Parma Ridge Vineyards. Enjoy this intense colored crisp cranberry flavored rose for the holiday season.

2016 Chardonnay, $17.50
Parma Ridge Vineyards & Fargo Farms– Snake River Valley
Made with Chardonnay grapes from both Parma Ridge and Fargo Farms, this wine possesses both orange blossom and lemon zest with balanced flavor. Enjoyable throughout the year!

2016 Dry Riesling, $16.50
Fargo Farms - Snake River Valley
Made with 100% Riesling, this dry wine features melon with citrus notes and touches of honey crisp apple. This crisp wine is a perfect complement creamy pasta and sharp cheeses.

2016 Viognier, $16.50
Parma Ridge Vineyards – Snake River Valley
Made with 100% Viognier from Parma Ridge, this wine features citrus notes with a crisp, tart finish. Pairs well with seafood and starters.

Quattro, $17.95
Snake River Valley
“Quattro,” meaning “Four” in Italian is our blend of 4 white varietals from Parma Ridge and Fox Canyon Vineyards. This balanced blend is both tart and crisp, and pairs nicely with aged cheeses and fish or poultry dishes.

2016 Estate Grown Merlot, $28
Parma Ridge Vineyards – Snake River Valley
Made with 100% Merlot grapes from Parma Ridge, this wine features black cherry notes and smoked oak flavors. Enjoy this bolder-style Merlot with both pork and beef dishes. 

2016 Estate Grown Syrah, $30
Parma Ridge Vineyards – Snake River Valley
Made with 100% Syrah grapes from Parma Ridge, this wine features heavy tannins, black pepper, cinnamon and black licorice. Just what you would want from a big, bold wine.​

​2016 Big Reds, $30
Estate Grown, Parma Ridge Vineyards
Our 2016 Big Reds is made with a co-fermented blend of: 56% Cabernet Franc, 23% Malbec and 21% Merlot. Enjoy the perfect harmony of spice, fruit, acid and oak flavors in this crisp, balanced red.

2016 Isaac Storm, $32
Snake River Valley
This wine is named after our youngest son Isaac Storm Bradley Hodge who has had a huge impact on our life and our path. Made with 50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 25% Malbec and 25% Merlot, this wine features bright cherry notes, balanced acid and tannins with a touch of black pepper and American oak.

2016 Joshua Storm, $32
Snake River Valley
Our 2016 Joshua Storm is made with a blend of: 65% Tempranillo and 35% Merlot all hand-harvested from the Snake River Valley. This blend is named after Joshua, Storm’s oldest son who lives in Seattle who we love and miss. Enjoy balanced cherry flavors with a spicy pepper oak finish on this bold yet balanced wine.

2017 LaRea Dolce Sweet Riesling, $18.95
Snake River Valley
Named from Storm’s mom, Susan LaRea, our LaRea Dolce is a homage to one of the sweetest people we know. This sweet Riesling features hints of pear and peach flavors with a grapefruit finish. Enjoy this as an aperitif, with crème Brule or enjoy on its own as dessert.

2016 Reinhart Riesling, $20
Fargo Farms – Snake River Valley
This wine is made by Megan Reinhart, the Sous Chef and Assistant Winemaker for Parma Ridge, and is her debut into the wine-making industry. Made with 100% Riesling from Fargo Farms, this off-dry wine possesses hints of honeydew melon, orange zest with an herbal finish.